Our Story

Welcome to E2G-EVOLUTION 2 GREATNESS , where fashion, fitness, and fun collide. Whether jogging, walking, meditating in your yoga class, or running errands before picking up the kids, we’ve got the fit for you.

Wherever you are in your everyday journey, we are here for it. We aim to please by providing affordable, fashionable, yet comfortable options for women that provide flexibility no matter the exercise or activity.

Many years ago I stumbled into my first session with my personal trainer. That encounter changed the trajectory my life and my overall outlook on how I felt about how I looked when going to work out.

I arrived nervous and a bit apprehensive about the session with a regular, old wrinkled t-shirt and a pair of baggy sweatpants. I later realized that I was trying to hide the pieces of me that I didn’t like by doing that. That was the first of the last day of feeling that way.

My trainer emphasized how important it was to look good when I came to train. A matching set was what he required going forward. Little did I know that a simple change of outfit would help me to gain confidence and pride that I didn’t know I needed in my approach and journey to looking good and feeling great.

“When you look good, you feel good.” Whether it’s your first day of working out, or you’ve worked out for years, everyone deserves to feel and look great while doing it!

That encounter was over 20 years ago, and since then, my athletic outfits are just as important as my outfits for going to work or going out. (I have a whole section in my closet dedicated for them 😉).

Every journey is different, and we are all evolving to become the best version of ourselves. Whether it’s day one, or 10001, E2G-EVOLUTION 2 GREATNESS, would love to be there every step of the way as you evolve on your journey to greatness. Let’s do this together.

Your Fit, Fine, and Fabulous Sister,